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Integration for Independent Software Vendors & System Integrators

Looking to add value to your software and generate additional bottom line profit for your organization?

Then consider integrating SureTrust’s Electronic Check Acceptance (SECA) into your software offering.

How does SECA add value to your bottom line? Every time your software customer scans a check for deposit, then your organization generates revenue.  SECA helps your organization add value by creating a (potentially significant) revenue stream utilizing your existing customer base and resources. 

SureTrust has made it simple to code into your software the security and convenience of electronic check acceptance. Our detailed specs and communication dll files allow your developers to easily create and test electronic check transactions. 

SECA makes your software more valuable in the eyes of your customers.  SECA leverages your customer existing investment in technology. SECA helps you retain customers longer and results in greater customer satisfaction levels. SECA tightens the bonds of customer retention and satisfaction between your software and your customer.

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Why Choose SureTrust ?

SureTrust delivers America’s most reliable check-scanning network.  Our affordable scanners, intuitive software, online reporting and account reconciliation tools reduce NSF chargebacks, increase profitability, and simplify operations


Who Is SureTrust Financial Solutions?

Established in 1997, SureTrust delivers electronic check acceptance and returned item management solutions to retailers, municipalities, utilities and accounts receivable environments.   Our services speed and secure payment of paper checks and electronically manage the handling of any returned items, resulting in increased profitability, lower costs and increase operating efficiency. Read More