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Benefits of Electronic Check Acceptance

SureTrust’s Electronic Check Acceptance saves the average merchant between fifteen and thirty cents for each check accepted. A rough rule of thumb to calculate saving is $4000 annual savings for every 50 checks accepted per day.

Electronic Check Acceptance eliminates a number of existing expenses, labor processes and risk elements. These combine to produce a more efficient operating environment and lower overall cost structures.

  • Eliminate per item deposit fees (0.04-0.10 per check average)
  • Eliminate returned item fees ($3-$10 per returned check)
  • Enjoy the priority of electronic items over paper at the check writer’s bank..
  • Receive notification of returned items an average of seven to ten days sooner.
  • Consolidate revenue or returns from multiple locations at no additional cost.
  • Same day batch credit to your account in hard dollars (immediately available funds. Cut off times apply)
  • Reduces NSF risk by curtailing
  • Increases sales by resolving unpaid items faster
  • Eliminates in-house check acceptance and handling expenses
  • Shortens customer check out times at register. Average processing time: six to twelve seconds
  • Provides a more efficient and secure shopping experience to customers.

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Why Choose SureTrust ?

SureTrust delivers America’s most reliable check-scanning network.  Our affordable scanners, intuitive software, online reporting and account reconciliation tools reduce NSF chargebacks, increase profitability, and simplify operations


Who Is SureTrust Financial Solutions?

Established in 1997, SureTrust delivers electronic check acceptance and returned item management solutions to retailers, municipalities, utilities and accounts receivable environments. Our services speed and secure payment of paper checks and electronically manage the handling of any returned items, resulting in increased profitability, lower costs and increase operating efficiency. Read More