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Benefits of Electronic Check Recovery

A better all round option is to consider using one of the electronic check recovery services now available. There are many advantages to electronic check collection over traditional recovery methods, not least the fact that many of the companies offering this service charge no fees to your company. Other benefits include:

  • You receive 100% of the face value for each NSF check we recover.
  • Highest possible collection ratio in addition to the quickest funding available
  • Save your customer embarrassment by eliminating face-to-face payment
  • Save money on the cost of traditional collection services.
  • No need for customers to receive collection letters and calls or supply a money order or cashier's check.
  • Fast Recovery Times: Traditional recovery methods can take between 30 and 60 days. On average, electronic check recovery takes 7 days, after which time the recovered check is deposited into the merchant's account.
  • Out of town checks are handled as quickly and easily as local checks.

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Why Choose SureTrust ?

SureTrust delivers America’s most reliable check-scanning network.  Our affordable scanners, intuitive software, online reporting and account reconciliation tools reduce NSF chargebacks, increase profitability, and simplify operations.


Who Is SureTrust Financial Solutions?

Established in 1997, SureTrust delivers electronic check acceptance and returned item management solutions to retailers, municipalities, utilities and accounts receivable environments. Our services speed and secure payment of paper checks and electronically manage the handling of any returned items, resulting in increased profitability, lower costs and increase operating efficiency. Read More