ePursuit Returned Item Management

Electronic banking strategies to increase profitability and simplify operations.

SureTrust’s ePursuit combines a collection of electronic banking strategies and techniques that eliminate bank returned item fees, provide returned notification as little as  two days after deposit, and selectively re-deposits returned checks when the check writers’ financial institution indicates funds are available to clear the check.

Electronic Re-deposit and Account Monitoring:

  • Automatically and electronically re-deposit each NSF check when funds
    become available.
  • Increase sales by resolving unpaid items faster.
  • Shorten customer check out times at POS.
  • Increase bank balances by accelerating recovery times
  • Reduce total dollars outstanding in unpaid check items.
  • Consolidate revenue or returns from multiple locations.

ePursuit Benefits:

Accelerated Returns:

  • Receive NSF notification 2–4 days after deposit. Stops bad check writers fast!
  • Eliminate bank return fees on returned items

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SureTrust uses the nation’s electronic banking and imaging networks to debit outstanding items directly from the checking account of the check writer.

These seamless, paperless electronic transactions simplify operations, eliminate expense, reduce non-payment risk, accelerate cash flow, and increase profitability.

Accelerated Returns eliminates the risk of waiting two weeks to discover that a check has been returned unpaid. Accelerated Returns provides returned item data in as little as two days. Plus, Accelerated Returns also eliminates the three to ten dollar returned item fee your bank currently charges for each returned check.

No bank fees, faster return notification, increased collection efficiency, ...SureTrust ePursuit is your win/win solution for profiting from returned checks.

Who Is SureTrust Financial Solutions?

Established in 1997, SureTrust delivers electronic check acceptance and returned item management solutions to retailers, municipalities, utilities and accounts receivable environments. Our services speed and secure payment of paper checks and electronically manage the handling of any returned items, resulting in increased profitability, lower costs and increase operating efficiency. Read More