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What is Electronic Check Acceptance?

Electronic Check Acceptance uses the nation’s electronic banking system to deposit paper checks directly from the retail point of sale or accounts receivable environment. The process creates an electronic image of each check document and routes the image and payment information to the processing center via secure internet communication protocols.

The image can be created with a variety of devices. Merchants can use our integrated solutions that work with their existing POS software/hardware systems, or our stand aside solutions that use popular and inexpensive POS hardware, such as the Veriphone 3740/50 terminals. We also offer PC based solutions is an ideal solutions for any environment.

How Does it Work?

Insert the check into the terminal and key in the dollar amount. The terminal prints a receipt for the customer’s signature. The cashier retains the signature copy and gives a courtesy receipt and the check document back to the check writer. Elapsed time: 6-12 seconds.

At day’s end, the terminal is batched out, a batch detail report prints and the gross dollar amount of the batch credits to the merchant’s bank (same day crediting, cut off times apply) Check images are available for immediate viewing online, and any prior image, batch, or transaction can be called up at any time.

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Electronic Check Recovery eliminates these costs in the Recovery Stage:

  • Reduces Unrecoverable Returned Items
  • Eliminates In House Negative Database Maintenance
  • Check Recovery Fees
  • Demand Letter costs
  • Certified Mail Fees
  • Legal Filing Fees, Etc.


Window PC based solutions:

POS-eCheck is fully compatible with Windows based PC’s. The addition of a an image enabled input device, available for less than $500.00, turns your PC into a full featured check processing station. Excellent for medical and other office environments.. Read More